About Sandra

I was born in Newton, Kansas and had the great luck to live in many places: Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa City, Winnipeg, Moscow, Pierre, Paris, New York, and Switzerland. I stayed in some of these places for just a couple of months, in others for years. Along the way, I realized I was curious about almost everything. I studied the humanities, sciences, law, bread-baking, film-making, acting, writing, and French.

Out of all of these, I fell head-over-heels in love with writing for young readers. I now write picture books and poetry for my favorite audience. I especially like writing about big ideas, wacky adventures, and characters that are just like you and me.

I hold an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and have presented workshops on writing for children and young adults throughout Europe and the United States. My poetry can be found in SCOOP magazine. I am honored to be the winner of Hunger Mountain‘s Katherine Paterson Prize for picture books for two years running.