Bear’s Big Idea

by Sandra Nickel & Il Sung Na (Lerner/Carolrhoda, September 10, 2024)

Fish always has great ideas for what to do! When it’s Bear’s turn to think of something, she promises she’ll have a brand-new BIG idea. But where do ideas come from?

The creators of Big Bear and Little Fish reunite for this sweet story of friendship, ingenuity, and a surprisingly epic adventure!

Like the Frog and Toad books that I loved so much as a kid, the Bear and Fish stories will always be filled with friendship and a bit of philosophy. The friendship part in Bear’s Big Idea is about encouragement and learning about your own abilities. The philosophy part is that both BIG and little ideas are always there forming in our heads, even if we think they are not.

“A winning tale of friendship and creativity unleashed.”—Kirkus

Mr. Schu celebrated the Cover Reveal of Bear’s Big Idea on his blog, Watch. Connect. Read. In addition to sharing the cover for the first time, Mr. Schu asked me to finish the following sentences: Bear’s Big Idea tells a story…, Il Sung Na’s illustrations…, Picture books…, Story is…, and John Schu, you should have asked me… I had a lot of fun with these sentences. You can find all of my answers HERE!